In An Effort to Minimize Your Benefits, Insurance Adjusters Can Lie, Manipulate, Instill Fear, And Generally Seek to Control You and Your Rights!

It is common practice (an everyday occurrence) that insurance companies will send letters to doctors, employers, and patients “not authorizing” care or “denying” care or treatment without any legal basis for doing so. In many cases the insurance company knows this, but their own statistics show that this is so effective in reducing costs they do it anyway. Unbelievable, I know, but done every day none-the-less.

Here is just one common insurance company strategy and whatever you do…

“Don’t Let This Financial Blackmail Happen To You!”

The insurance company denies your claim until you are broke. Without a job or a source of income, and as a desperate effort to get some money, you waive your future benefits and agree to a lower settlement.

As a result of the misinformation or lack of information, some employers, fearing an increase in their insurance premiums, will even unknowingly break the law and…

  • Hide the work injury,
  • Fire an injured worker before they file a written claim
  • And other unethical behavior.

Otherwise ethical, responsible companies or individual employers that do such things are themselves acting out of fear and unaware of the consequences. They too can be the victims of fear and manipulation of some industrial insurance profit motivated tactics.

After Happily And Loyally Working For Their Employer For Years, Many Now Injured Workers Experience Complete Betrayal By Their Employer…

  • They’re treated differently.
  • They feel like an outsider.
  • Their co-workers ostracize them.

In some companies, if there are no injuries filed for the quarter, everyone gets a bonus…a prize. Imagine how a legitimately injured worker feels when his or her filing is a source of a loss for all his or her co-workers!

Very Interesting!

Not very long ago, at the Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board*, they had two articles posted in the meeting and waiting area; both of them were studies that have been conducted on fraud and revealed that fraudulent claims by employees are much less frequent than first thought, and much less common than people think.

* The Appeals board is where applicants (injured workers), their attorneys (if they have one), the insurance company’s attorneys (they almost always have one), the insurance adjuster and the doctors all go before the judge to resolve issues. For your information…How many fraud units do you think are investigating insurance companies? A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle stated “Zero” in California in the last four years! Interesting!?

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