Every year in the U.S. alone there are over 3 million injuries caused from car accidents.† Even after receiving treatment, studies show that most of these victims continue to suffer long term pain after the accident. As many as 12% of these victims end up disabled with very little compensation.


Something is not right with the system!


In this day and age itís hard to understand why so many car accident injuries are not healing. Researchers are now looking into what makes these injuries so different and what theyíve found may shock you.


In the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology a study was published that followed a group of 232 car accident victims that suffered from neck and back injuries.† These victims received what was thought to be the best of treatment-- However in a seven year follow up, the study revealed that all of these patients continued to suffer from some aspect of their injury.† Their complaints ranged from ongoing pain in their neck, upper back, and low back. They suffered from continuing ill health, fatigue and sleep disturbances.


The article concluded that if youíve been injured in a car accident there is a substantial risk of continuing health complaints that may last for many years.† The author also insightfully questioned the effectiveness of modern medicine to manage these injuries and the desperate need to improve their clinical skills.


In the United States it seems that people are not getting the needed treatment for their injuries. Many of these individuals end up settling their cases far before the full extent of their injuries are discovered, leaving many to foot the bills themselves.


Research shows that some of the fault remains with the patients themselves because they failed to seek the appropriate treatment for even minor injuries. Now experts are finding fault with many in the medical field who do not have the skills to give appropriate advice or care regarding these injuries.


When it comes to whiplash and other accident related injuries bad advice and ineffective management seems to be the rule.† Even well intentioned doctors can unknowingly give recommendations that cause these injured patients great harm.


The simple truth of the matter is that very few health care practitioners know how to efficiently diagnose and treat the hidden injuries sustained from a car accident.

According to two separate studies featured in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery most medical doctors just donít have sufficient training with musculo-skeletal injuries (Soft tissue injuries).† The study examined the competency levels of nearly 419 medical graduates, residents and staff physicians.

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