It revealed that approximately 80% of them “failed to demonstrate basic competency” in their knowledge of musculo-skeletal medicine. It’s no wonder why so many car accident injuries fail to get the appropriate care. Car accident victims that seek help from the average community clinic or family practitioner may not be getting all they need. 


In General, most doctors feel comfortable treating general illness and other related conditions but when it comes to pain from a car accident, too many physicians quickly gloss over the patients symptoms and mask them with drugs, therefore missing subtle signs that may indicate a more serious problem.


An article in Soft Tissue Review suggested that even if you were involved in a minor fender bender, studies show you could still suffer from a severe injury that isn't easily noticed and more often missed completely.(Soft Tissue Review, Lack of Relationship Between Vehicle Damage and Occupant Injury. SAE 970494.)


Many victims may feel very little pain at first. It may even start as a little bit of discomfort but as the years go by the pain starts to grow and grow… keep reading


Where the Problem Begins


The problem often starts in the hospital emergency room after the accident. More and more people are using the emergency room as a primary care center.  They go there for headaches, fever, sprains, strains, general illness, over doses and of course trauma.  


This increased use has caused over crowding and an increased workload on the doctors themselves.  Usually after a car accident and a long wait in the E.R., the doctors may do some kind of imaging study like an x-ray or MRI. Unless you have a broken bone, punctured lung, internal bleeding or some other life threatening injury, the E.R. doctors are going to quickly send you on your way, because they have another 10 patients waiting.  You’ll probably get some medication and a recommendation to follow up with your primary doctor, who may or may not understand the nature of these injuries.


Dr. Tyler Burbank, an expert with over 14 years treating auto accident injuries said in an interview, “It needs to be understood that the emergency room technicians are trained to detect life threatening conditions and to provide appropriate care.  If your injuries don’t fall into this category you will be sent home with some medication and advice. They are not there to necessarily manage the long term care of your injuries… Unfortunately, many victims take this as ‘I guess I’m not that bad’ or worse yet the E.R. doctors sometimes unknowingly sabotage the victims health by casually says ‘oh… the pain will go away in a few weeks’. 

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